6over6 brings innovation to vision care. The company develops digital/mobile platform that enables a complete and accurate measurement of the refractive of the eye for eyeglasses/contact lenses prescription with the sole use of a smartphone



Xjet is the world’s first 3D Metal inkjet printing and technology leader in the Additive manufacture market. 

Xjet has an extensive R&D team of 50 that develops a variety of new metal inks – replacing traditional printing methods



StreetSmart offers a decision support system for drivers in all car services. By usage of big data science and novel machine learning algorithms, our system will increase efficiency of your car service and will maximize driver's profits while reducing passengers' waiting time



Internet Analytics for the TV world, property technology to collect behavioral data on consumer TV, Mobile and online activities. Provides innovative means of collating and compiling multiple data sources



Silentium is a global leading company in the Active Noise Cancelation with patented technology. Industry leaders in Noise Pollution Reduction and Front Edge of Noise Solutions, working with the leading companies of the Automotive, Appliances, Aerospace industries



GetSat is a leading provider of micronized Satellite terminals, the Interflat System that GetSat developed is the latest breakthrough in antenna panel technology



Wearable Devices LTD is an Israeli High-Tech startup focused on wearable human machine interfaces